Host an intimate dinner party of your dream. Let us do the cooking be a guest at your table. Host a dinner party that tells your guest how much you care without saying it. We offer a selection of culinary entertainment options. From a hands-on cooking class to a private dinner party. Chef Vicky hosted events, team building, and nutrition classes and workshops. Embark on a culinary journey around the world with chef Vicky with her Caribbean contemporary with an International twist. Your experience will leave you wanting more each time.

  • Private Dinner Parties: “Let us do the cooking be a guest at your table”. Catering usually refers to the food that we served at your event. Chef Vicky takes pride in designing a menu specifically for you and your guest or we provide you a great selection of menu designed by her personally. Attention to every detail, especially to the menu is certainly a star element. We bring the restaurant feel to you, in the intimacy of your home for you and your guest to enjoy.
  • Dinner Party in a box: Get Everything You Need to host a dinner party. Get together with friends or family. Pick your event’s menu from Chef Vicky’s menu selection and relax.  We do the cooking and you do the entertaining. You and your guest will leave the party feeling special and have a belly full.




  • Hands-On or Demo Cooking Classes: Experience around the world with chef Vicky’s Caribbean contemporary cuisines and participate in making everything on a 3-course menu, working in small groups. Chef Vicky will always lead the class with the assistance of a qualified chef. Or do a demonstration to teach you how to make it. It is encouraged to bring your own wine to enjoy the experience (adults only).  Classes are offered for both adults and children, and an average of 20 students per class.  What’s included: ingredients, tools, and recipes are provided. Aprons are not supplied, but you may bring your own or purchase an embroidered.


  • Team Building: Team Building Cooking experience. Gather 10 to 50 colleagues to get messy in the kitchen with us. Let’s battle it out in the kitchen with chef Vicky and her team and let the games begin. Cooking brings people together, and a bit of friendly competition brings out the best (or worse) in all of us. Chef Vicky Colas and her team of chefs will guide each team along as they prepare a culinary feast together. Team Building experiences can be held in the afternoons and evenings or on weekends.  
  • Culinary Consultations: With over 15 years of experience in the hospitality industry, Chef Vickycan leverage extensive external food industry expertise to provide an objective analysis of your business. … Chef Vicky becomes your advocate, someone with whom you can bounce off ideas and who can optimize the performance and well-being of your organization. 
  • Chef Services: Chef Vicky Colas, award-winning chef, Nutritionist, Influencer, and Transcender in her field. She is available for cooking demonstrations, Culinary Guest Chef, Corporate hospitality events, Food Festivals, speaking engagements, and much more. 
  • Nutrition Classes &Workshops: Join chef Vicky in her Nutrition workshop series. She will guide participants through the essential steps of developing a healthy eating pattern that matches their health goals, food preferences, and lifestyle demands.